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AlFalah Force Team at MIST 2017

This weekend, AlFalah's MIST team traveled to Detroit to compete in MIST National competition.

The tournament had over 450 regional winners from 13 different regions participating in numerous competitions in more than 20 different categories.

30 kids represented NJ region with 11 belonging to AlFalah Force. NJ won 10 awards with AlFalah winning 8 of them!

Additionally, AlFalah placed 3rd overall team in the competition. Being a younger region this is an incredible achievement for the NJ team.

Masha'Allah we dominated this weekend and our kids had a blast competing, meeting and making friends, and getting into the team spirit.

1ST PLACE: Extemporaneous Speaking; Rayhan Murad

1ST PLACE: Debate; Daanyal Farooqi and Rayhan Murad

1ST PLACE: Math Olympics; Muhammad Rashid

2ND PLACE: Extemporaneous Essay; Shameen Abubakar 2ND PLACE: Original Oratory; Libah Farooqi 2ND PLACE: Extemporaneous Speaking; Daanyal Farooqi 3RD OVERALL COMPETITOR: Rayhan Murad 3RD OVERALL TEAM: Al Falah Force

Here is a link to the MIST NJ Facebook Page for more details.

MIST NJ 2017 National Team

MIST NJ 2017 National Team

AlFalah Force MIST 2017 Team

AlFalah Force MIST 2017 Team

Go Jersey, Go Jersey, GO!