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Al Falah Force Team at MIST Nationals 2018

What an amazing performance!

Al Falah Force team traveled to New York to compete in MIST's National tournament.

The tournament had over 600 regional winners from 13 different regions participating in numerous competitions with more than 20 different categories.

41 students represented the NJ region with 16 belonging to our very own Al Falah Force! NJ won 11 awards with Al Falah winning 7 of them!

Congrats to all those who advanced and placed in top 3, and to everyone, who competed and participated. The benefit of this tournament is to not only compete but to learn from the best competitors around the country and have fun.

Our kids had a blast competing, meeting, making friends, and getting into the team spirit.

Thanks for the great energy and the great performances.

NJ Spirit Awards:

Most Coordinated

Best Mascot

Second place Scavenger hunt

Competition Awards:

1ST PLACE: Extemporaneous Speaking; Rayhan Murad

1ST PLACE: Debate; Rayhan Murad and Jawad Mamoon

1ST PLACE: Extemporaneous Essay; Nurah Kutty

2ND PLACE: Prepared Essay; Lamia Rashid 2ND PLACE: Community Service; Areej Qadeer

3RD PLACE: Sister Improve; (Libah Farooqi, Nurah Kutty, Minnal Kauser & Zaynab Kauser

Overall Awards:


Go Jersey, Go Jersey, GO!